Penis Blisters, Pain and Itching – When Herpes Isn’t the Answer

Each male who has been by means of a highschool well being class is conscious of the signs of herpes. Indicators of blisters crammed with fluid, itching and soreness are widespread indicators of this sexually transmitted virus. Nevertheless, herpes simplex is just not an inevitable analysis when these signs seem. Get more about Herpes Blitz Protocol

Shingles, recognized medically as herpes zoster, is a virus which can be characterised by blisters and itching; nonetheless, it’s not thought of as an STD. Understanding the signs might help males to make knowledgeable choices about their therapy. Options on caring for the penis and sustaining sexual well being are additionally offered right here.

What’s shingles, precisely?

Shingles is an inflammatory situation of the nerves and surrounding pores and skin. It’s attributable to the identical virus that causes rooster pox – the herpes varicella-zoster virus (or just zoster virus). Anybody who has had the chickenpox can develop shingles, normally later in life – typically after the age of 50. The varicella-zoster virus lies dormant within the physique as soon as a person has recovered from rooster pox, however it may be reactivated a lot later, ensuing within the signs of shingles.

What are the signs?

Most sufferers describe the preliminary signs as tingling or ache and tenderness of the pores and skin. In 2-Three days after the looks of those signs, a clustered crimson rash could seem. The rash could resolve into blisters that seem like crammed with water. The rash typically clears up by itself after 2-Three weeks; nonetheless, intense itching and ache – a situation often known as postherpetic neuralgia – could proceed for months, and even years, after the preliminary signs have disappeared.

Blisters on the penis: The blisters most frequently seem on the torso and buttocks, however they will additionally have an effect on the genitalia, together with the top and shaft of the penis. Extreme penis itching could accompany the blisters. The penis signs of shingles intently resemble these of the herpes simplex virus, an incurable STD that’s extremely contagious. Any signal of a blistering rash on the penis ought to be evaluated by a health care provider.

Different flu-like signs could accompany the illness, together with fever, headache, upset abdomen or stomach ache, fatigue, confusion and reminiscence loss.

Is herpes zoster contagious?

Shingles are solely contagious if the blisters are damaged, and can solely have an effect on people who haven’t had rooster pox. Nevertheless, they are going to develop rooster pox, not shingles.

Danger elements

Anybody who has had rooster pox can develop shingles; nonetheless, it’s extra widespread in people with a suppressed immune system, comparable to individuals with HIV/AIDS or those that are receiving radiation or chemotherapy. Sure bone and lymphatic cancers additionally enhance the danger of creating shingles.


Whereas shingles will resolve by itself, extra extreme instances could also be handled with an antiviral medicine – notably when it impacts the eyes or causes penis blisters. As with chickenpox, utilizing ache relievers, cool compresses and anti-itch formulation comparable to calamine lotion could assist to ease the itching, burning sensation.